Layout Tools

Borneman Layout Template
This one has a demon guardian.

Combination Square
Centering Head

   In layout accuracy is most important. Before I used these "cheap" Chinese tools I tuned them to a Woodpeckers precision triangle (picked up at one of "The Woodworking Shows"). The precision triangle and an auger bit file are seen sitting on the case for the combo set.

Precision Triangle    Happily the castings in this combo set were well machined, the centering head is perfect. The three critical faces of the 4.5" square are at 90 and 45 degrees (as they should be) and the blade only needed a slight adjustment. The compass has a nice flat sole but compass rotation could be smoother, it also required the most filing to get the blade squared off to the 90 degree mark.
   The 12" blade that came with the set is half useless (or 3/4 depending on your point of view), one side is marked in millimeters and 32nds of an inch, the opposite side is in millimeters and 64ths of an inch. On the 64ths side both scales are misprinted so that you lose a fat 64th on the english scale and gain it on the metric scale, I have a 24" Starrett replacement blade coming. The cost of the 24" blade is more than double my entire set which is why I risked having to lap out machining errors, I just hope it fits.

   This is a basic 4" head combination square like those you'll find in most hardware stores.
  It's very close to perfectly square; close enough for most carpentry and simple cabinetry (if it's softwoods where you can get a little squish factor), this is fortunate as it wasn't designed to be adjusted. This square isn't used in layout, instead it sees duty when I'm boring and cleaning a mortice.

More to Come!