The Logosol Timberjig

Timberjig off saw
Here is the Timberjig alongside my Stihl 066 chainsaw and it's shortest bar. The 066 has ripped significant quantities of hickory on my Logosol M7 Sawmill. There are special nuts holding the the blade to the saw, these supply the attachment points for the Timberjig.

Timberjig on saw
Tmiberjig mounted and ready to go.

Timberjig in cut
I'll need to get some one to take a picture of a cut in progress; here are two pictures of the Timberjig at the end of the cut. In the photo above you can see how closely the jig follows the line, the one obvious deflection propogated from the tip when the upper guide left the softer bark (wane) and started riding the hardwood. A view of the opposite side of the cut can be found on the Scarf Joint Page.

Timberjig in cut
This is a great illustration of the tension in hickory, after ripping in just under 3ft, the 1/4" kerf (the space where wood has been removed) has opened to a full 3/4"+.