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Blogesque Verbage

April 21st 5:30pm:
   It's 2006... Posted a major update to the View from the Ledge series of photo's it is currently two pages totaling 39 pictures and to date as of April 20th.

Sept 30th 3am:
   Finally an update; just new Current Jobsite Photo so far also an addition to the view from the ledge series.
Other photos can be found in my gallery at the Forestry Forum.

July 9th 4:30am:
   Scarf joint page three is complete and ready to upload... after that it's off to bed.

July 8th:
   Heavy rain... Editing expands to fill the time available.  Scarf joint page number one is done. Looks like I'll fill two or three pages with this one joint.

July 7th 10:15pm:
   Still editing... Plane socks from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks arrived and I ordered blade protectors (aka: poster hangers) for all my handsaws. Began the second half of the sill scarf joint. Presumably I'll be uploading that page with this update, also the Timberjig page now has actual words to go with the pictures.

July 7th 2:30am:
   So much for the weather forecast, it was supposed to rain from 4am to 4pm the 6th. As it was I spent a good protion of the day down at the house and only an hour was spent watching the rain from under the tarp. Just finished editing and uploading 20 new scarf joint photos. I'll need to rewrite the scarf joint page and edit the appropriate linking pages this evening.

July 5th (another tuesday):
   Slept in today despite getting to bed by 1:30am. Added the "Jobsite Visitors" photopage; right now it's got pictures of my sister and her kids taken at the town of Washington's Fourth of July fireworks display.
   Spent part of the afternoon with the hickory sill working on the scarf joint, the shoulder is now flat and square thanks to some slow patient end grain paring with my G.I.Mix (1-1/2" framing chisel). My next plane purchase will definately be a low angle block plane.
   My Stanley #26 transitional plane self destructed on a knot while attempting to bring down the excess hickory on the half lap portion and after I'd resecured the chip breaker it chattered and clogged repeatedly. Sharp enough for maple isn't sharp enough for hickory... Weather report for tomorrow is pretty grim, so I'll probably pick up a new 8-1/2" circular saw blade and spend some time tuning tools. Perhaps I'll add a page on the various techniques and tools I use to sharpen chisels and plane blades.

Fourth of July weekend:
   No progress on the house. Worked at the hospital 3-11pm Saturday and Sunday night; Saturday included a half hour of overtime and a midnight shopping stop (supplies for "the fourth"). I got our on call person to come in and finish up Saturday but Sunday I got out on time which was important as I had to be back there at 7:30am Monday morning. My average commute is about 1hr 15min so I was a bit sleep deprived by the time all the fun and fireworks had finished on Monday night.