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Lynx For The Machine PC Hardware we use and can still recommend: TEAC CD Recorders IWILL Motherboards - USA Maxtor Hard Drives IWILL Motherboards - Global Enlight Corporation Computer Chassis Oh and did I mention: IWILL Home Page

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Here is a list of  Technical Support BBS's  for 'Web Shy' Hardware and Software companies.

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Special thanks to Jim DeStephano of DeStefano Associates for keeping my frame design in line with engineering reality. Also Timber Framers Guild Home Page And The Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts Where I got my first hands on training in traditional timber framing Lie-Nielsen Toolworks "Makers of woodworking handtools of superior quality and craftsmanship." The Japan Woodworker Catalog A supplier of quality hand tools including Japanese hand saws, planes and chisels; as well as some of my favorite gardening tools. Soundtrack courtesy of: Slambovia Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams Slambovia We are long time participants in Seti@home; My Seti@home Class A modest collection of Landscape and Gardening links. some eBay related lynx: Current eBay Listings in Computer Hardware RavenSky's Rookery

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