Penguins Picture

The Snow Queen

There was a maiden, true and fair,
Filled with love and cherished care,
She danced a golden light of song,
Her beauty made the image strong,

She dwelled in peaks of icy snow,
The crystal sheen gave forth a glow,
From deep within her love burned out,
A small sweetkiss, a happy powt,

I met her there in coolest water,
Her feathered skin brought forth a daughter,
And a son missed deeply still,
The dearest love, her heart did fill,

She took me, tender under wing,
And, with deepest love did sing
A song of dreams and beauty's way,
To take me further every day,

The lighted path, I sure did go,
Towards the throne and seated low,
And there, with wonderous eyes have seen,
And kissed the lips of love, Snow Queen.

"Jimsus" James Lealan
(4th February 1996)

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