The "Generator Shed"

  The "Generator Shed" is a pallet, four "snakewood" 2x4 posts (shorter posts in the back; the front faces to the right), two 2x3 rafters (running front to back) and the remains of the 1/2" plywood my column forms were cut from. Two rectangles of black plastic are attached to the roof so that 1-4 sides can be opened completely. In addition to the generator the shed houses most of the tools that get left on site.
  Nice side curve on that rear post.

 * Snakewood - A condition where tensions in the wood twist and curve a board after milling, usually aggrevated by improper drying. The "2x4" used in the shed was a last board from the mill and reaction in the wood had already drawn it during the cutting process so that it was a fairly consistant 3-1/2" in one dimension but running from 1-1/2" to 2-1/4" in the other. It didn't stack well with others so it was left to twist. For a good view of the 2x4 prior to cutting look at the braced concrete column forms pictures; the 2x4 is tying the west column to the south wall.