The "Visitors" Page
Pictures of friends, family, non-technical assistants and local fauna.

This June my sister, Elizabeth, arrived in a large van for an extended visit. The large van also contained my four nieces, one nephew and a dog. Penny the dog, a 2-3yr old german shorthaired pointer, is a recent addition in need of a suitable environment; Liz has more than enough to keep her running without the addition of a canine althete. Penny's past is a mystery, she's been tattooed, she points and she insists on walking on the left, so she's been trained to heal if not to hunt.
Sorted from youngest to oldest, here are:



David (minus one tooth)

Rachel with Elizabeth

and Janice who is definately her mother's daughter and number one helper.

Like uncle, like nephew?

There are a few genetic traits I share with my nieces; Hannah and I have similiar hip anomalies, it's more pronounced in her case. And most unfortunately Ruth appears to have inherited my brain! ;-7

Bruised but adorable.