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Finally the long awaited successor to:
    "It's My Left Hand Baby"

An Authorized Release from Involuntary Records(tm)
(Be sure to check out the unauthorized release; Cod Goblet)

From The Liner Notes of: Bison On The Wall
    Decorous Garth's Drugstore Chaos was formed in 1975 from the remnants of the Nehasahemapetalan Australian Jig Band, and a part time piano bar act known as Toenails Carlyle & His Wretched Orchestra. After a few decades of doing nothing, they took the world by surprise with their infectious pop single "It's My Left Hand Baby"   (presented here in a rare instrumental version).
    On this, the follow up album to that single, their leader, Decorous, is said to have spooled forth all 21 tracks in a Nicorette Gum induced fog, in one month, after suffering a rare rash incurred in a cistern, and after telling his employer to go funk a buffalo. He then proceeded to hand his cassette transcriptions of deranged pennywhistle solos (overdubbed onto baroque concertina ostinatos) to his didgeriduist, for ostensible translation into rock music for orchestra.  Modifications to the instruments were engineered by Mojo R. Hens, who also was required to tune all the instruments, at least once a month, to E#Phyrgian.
    The maniacal Mr. Garth imprisoned his band in a remote but fashionable upstate hovel, for two days, and forced them to learn the rhythms to the music in as correct a manner as possible. Mr. Garth's tone deafness does not seem to have sped the project up any.
    With the untimely death of Decorous Garth in 1999, his estate and copyrights passed into the hands of one Doug McComb, a big time Derby, Connecticut card shark. Mr. McComb has seen fit to release these recordings in as close to the original format as possible, having merely re-transcribed the whole ego trip into a MACINTOSH COMPUTER, which acts as the orchestra, mixing board, and recording deck, unassisted by any midi interfaced keyboard, or college education.   We at Involuntary Records hope you appreciate the $2 Compact Disc that used, to make this stimulating digital audio artifact for you.

   We've been alerted by Mr. McComb (who maintains the Involuntary Records(tm) website) that he is truly scared by our activity, and has thus been forced to add an Officious Decorous Garth Site The site contains more Decorous Garth information and mp3 files from "Bison On The Wall".
While you are there be sure to visit the Unofficial Dino DiMuro Hompage. Mr. DiMuro is a musician well worthy of note.
   You can visit justjohn on the web at:   We'll be reviewing justjohn's "Interim Report 1998" in a future revision of these pages, so be sure to check back soon.
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